About Me

My name is Sabrina Larouche, I am a third year graphic design student in the Vanier program OST: Micropublishing and Hypermedia. I am knowledgeable in Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Suite and HTML and CSS. With these softwares I enjoy creating prints such as posters, brochures, and magazines, and websites. I don't have one specific style which makes me flexible to many different means and looks when it comes to my graphic creations.

The goal of my portfolio is to display my work from the last 4 semesters and to see my progress in my skills. I hope to present my diverse style abilities and different means of design I am capable of from businesscards, to posters to websites and more. My overall goal is to make a portfolio to show my graphic design works and show what I am capable of to potential clients or employers.

If you're interested in my work, contact me.

My Work

Our task was to create a magazine cover on a world issue and the topic I chose was Trump's bill to remove Birth Control from insurance. I chose this topic because it interested me and the research behind why this is a negative bill. I wanted to portray how the bill promotes regression by using putting dates instead of weeks on the packaging, 1950, 1960, 2010, 2017 and have 1950 and 2017 have empty rows because its the years the pill isnt offered. Created using: Photshop.
This was a personal project in which we could do anything we wanted based on our own style and interests. I wanted to create a concert poster for one of my favourite artists, Post Malone. I made 2 out of a series of concert posters, one is for Montreal and the other is Toronto. I integrated my sketches and played with typography and use of pastel colour overlay for the images. Created using: Photoshop, and InDesign.
This project started by brainstorming play on words, as many as we can think up. The final play on words I chose was bear and bare. I wanted to make a statement about global warming and polar bears going extinct. If we dont change our ways, the bears will go extinct. Created using: Photoshop.
The cover and inside of an academic magazine.Vanier is known for red but I wanted to do something different so I used a burnt orange and blue for my theme. I  carried this on the cover, back and content page, while the inside is black and white. Created using: InDesign.
 The theme of my Montreal This Week tour guide is Halloween. Rather than going with orange and purple, as a colour palette I went with reds, pinks, and blacks that i took from the cover image. I used this theme throughout as well as repeating blood splatters.I picked this theme because this project was made right before Halloween and I was in thee spirit and even wanted to find events I can attend. Created using: InDesign.
The goal of this project was to make an infographic on a topic of our choice, as a student I selected a topic that many people can relate to: sleep deprivation. I wanted to make this infographic educational yet visually interesting by creating my own illustrations and using a colour palette that I used throughout. Created using: Illustrator.
As a personal project, I decided to submit a poster for the International Women's Week at Vanier College. We had the freedom of making our own unique poster which we thought best represented the week and the idea of change. I thought of a flower blossoming representing change and to represent women.Created using: Illustrator.
The task was to create a wine label that is influenced by an art era. I choose contemporary art. I created the art in photoshop using many different brushes. Once I was satasfied I brought it into InDesign to add the writing and also added a paper texture in the background.Created using: Photoshop.
I was tasked in making a magazine cover for a magazine I picked but the main article had to be about a current news. Trump, being the great president he is, is always on the news. I picked a broader subject so I wouldn't have to make allusion to only one of his many mistakes. Created using: InDesign.
Goal was to create a kid targeted newsletter. I started with 3 flags and chose the one i felt was the most appropriate and worked from there. I used the font, colour palette and the illustrations to look like the ones throughout the newsletter. Created using: Illustrator, and InDesign.
As a personal project I created for the French department at Vanier. My inspiration was pop art, and since many students don’t notice posters at school so I wanted to make something that would stand out. This poster was the one picked among other posters submitted by students in our program. Created using: Illustrator.
A skill I have acquired over the past few months is drawing using a graphics tablet. I started out by just getting used to using it and then I started drawing my friends based on their photos. I have drawn about a dozen of my friends but hope to continue to expand my tablet drawing skills to eventually be able to create more art and illustrations. Created using: Photoshop.
This personal project features my own red-tinted photos in a web gallery. I used a repeating theme of black and red. I created a page header that says, “Red Tint My World” inspired by “Rose Tint my World” from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Using Lightbox, Javascript and a simple scroll transition, I created my gallery. Created using: Dreamweaver.
This project was a logo rebranding for a client who wanted a new logo but wanted to maintain elements from the old logo such as font, camoufl age print, and colour palette. I created this using illustrator and as the client requested, I made the logo similar while adding a bevel and reworking the camoufl age pattern. Afterwards, I integrated the theme of his website into his new business card. Created using: Illustrator, and InDesign.
Our class was instructed to create a Vernissage poster to represent our graduating class which would promote the event. In groups we brainstormed words associated with new beginnings, the idea that stood out most to me was the idea of a maze and a flower breaking through and blossoming. This is what I illustrated on my poster and the idea of a new beginning where we don't know where it will take us and it may be confusing but eventually we will reach our goals. Created using: Illustrator and InDesign.

Contact Me

If you are interested in contacting me, this is where you can reach me:

Email: sabrina.larouche1998@gmail.com

Phone: (514) 912-4934

LinkedIn: Sabrina Larouche